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Announcing the All New

 Genesys IFR HeliSAS® 

Stability Augmentation 

& Autopilot.

The IFR HeliSAS®  Helicopter Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System provide the safety and workload reduction for both single and dual pilot operations. 


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Direct: 817-215-7600 | Toll-Free: 1-800-872-7832

Learn more about the IFR HeliSAS in your helicopter today! 

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“I own Sweet Helicopters and we operate 3 Airbus EC130s and 1 H125 helicopter. Every one of these aircraft has the HeliSAS autopilot installed. In addition to making it more comfortable on long flights, I find the HeliSAS is one of the best safety upgrades you can ever install in a helicopter.”

Chuck Surack
Founder/Owner Sweet Helicopters 

VFR HeliSAS in action on a Bell 206

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